My husband, Gary Hart, had total knee replacement surgery in Saranac Lake, NY by Dr. Bradford Stevens on November 28, 2005.  He was released from the Adirondack Medical Center in Saranac Lake December 1, just two days post op.  My husband and son were both told by the medical staff at AMC that no one had EVER left the hospital in that length of time after having total knee replacement surgery. 


Last week, my husband's Physical Therapist, Colleen Law, who works at Alice Hyde Medical Center Rehabilitation Services, told Gary he is four weeks ahead (of the 'norm') in his rehabilitation and healing.  She asked Gary if she could take pictures and use him as a case study for their rehabilitation center. 


In addition to taking relatively good care of our bodies, we have been taking Nutrilite vitamins daily for over ten years.  We started taking velvet antler on November 5, 2005.  In preparation for surgery, Gary took four Velvet Antler tablets a day: two in the AM and two in the PM.   He is feeling great and has been back in the elk pen for two weeks. 


Gary plans to have total knee replacement done on his right knee around the same time next year.  It will be very interesting to see how he heals after being on Velvet Antler for a whole year!  Maybe he'll walk out of the operating room!!!!!!!



Our family doctor, Dr. Craig W. Richards, has written prescriptions for our Nutrilite vitamins and nutritionals for several years.  I have him do this so that I can use my FLEX Plan to purchase them.  When Gary and I decided to start taking Velvet Antler, we told our doctor about it and asked him if he would write us a prescription for it.  He agreed, so after I receive my Velvet Antler order, I just mail the receipt with the required paperwork and get reimbursed from my FLEX plan.



**Permission to use this information given to Diana Susen of Meadow Creek Elk Farm only please.



  Studies focusing on the effects of velvet antler extract in clinical testing have shown an overwhelming recurring theme - that it has a powerful tonic and revitalizing effect on the individual, especially on a person weakened in any way by stress or illness.  it is in this capacity that velvet antler seems bound to play an important role in the future.  Allison Davidson, author of Velvet Antler, Nature's Superior Tonic


Pantocrin has for years been regularly administered to promote patient recovery in Soviet hospitals and clinics, the earliest clinical reports appearing in the 1930s.  It too is found useful in promoting recovery and a restoration of health in convalescents, undernourished and tubercular children, and those weakened by chronic diseases.  Stephen Fulder, Doctor of pharmacology.

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