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we support economic development of sustainable farming in communities that promote preservation of Wisconsin's natural resources, cultural and agricultural heritage

The barn and outbuildings on our 130 year old homestead, in rural West Bend, WI, sat vacant for many years. Long gone are the days of dairy cows in the barn, crops in the fields and corn in the silo. Today a new era in agriculture and  health awareness has made this old farm useful once again. The pastures are enclosed with eight foot fence.  The dairy cows have been replaced with elk that forage on high quality grasses and legumes for their native diet. Supplemented with hay, to maintain their body condition, our elk live low-stress lives,  allowing for the development of high quality antlers and safe, healthy, natural and nutritious meat.  The heritage of farming will continue to grow as this exploding new industry unfolds.


At Meadow Creek Elk Farms, LLC (MCEF) we raise the elk for their velvet antler, a mainstay in traditional Chinese medicine, probably second only to ginseng in importance.   The antlers are harvested annually during the early stages of growth (velvet), dried and are used in the form of powder or in capsule form.  Velvet antler is taken as a nutritional supplement for maintaining healthy joints, , to boost strength and endurance, the immune system, energy and for anti-aging.  MCEF is Wisconsin's largest distributor of elk velvet antler capsules, supplying Herbal Companies, Health and Nutrition Stores and other elk and deer ranchers with 100% elk velvet antler capsules for distribution. We also supply Korean families living in close proximity to WI, frozen velvet antler.  MCEF Secure Online ordering offers for both velvet antler capsules and educational books and materials about velvet antler, shipped priority US mail daily.  Visit our "Velvet Antler" page for information about the benefits of velvet antler.   Another velvet antler product we sell is e-fusion lotion®, a moisturizing lotion used to renew and rejuvenate the skin.  In 2007 we received the exclusive rights for our product name and formula with being granted the registered trademark from the US Patent office.  The secondary and growing market is selling elk meat, our safe, healthy, naturally lean and nutritious elk meat is available in a variety of cuts and can be purchased at the farm or at  select  retail locations. Please read more about the benefits of eating our elk meat here. Another by-product from the elk is their ivory teeth.  We engage with a local goldsmith to make beautiful sterling silver pendants and earrings with the ivories which we sell on our website.  With extra hard antler, Bob has been creating antler decor items such as lamps, benches and tables which he offers for sale on our webstore ....visit our webstore

2012 marks our 16th Anniversary


drawing by Dolores Berger (Diana's mother)

At the age of 80, Dolores has developed a hidden talent  in being able to draw free hand  using her computer mouse






DATCP MCEF is a registered elk farm with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture. Routine whole herd  TB tests are performed by the farm's veterinarian, giving MCEF an accredited status with the WDATCP. MECF also participates in the  WI CWD Monitoring Program and has all slaughter and dead elk tested for CWD
NAEBA LogoAs members of NAEBA, MCEF uses DNA and/or purity blood tests when registering their elk with the North American Elk Breeder's Association, a national elk registry organization.
MCEF has been awarded the American Elk Products Board - Elk Producer Quality Seal License. This license is given to farms that practice good management practices which include using natural feed, using guidelines established for quality velvet harvesting and raising elk in a harm free environment.
As members of The Wisconsin Commercial Elk and Deer Farmer's Association, MCEF plays an active role in participating in association events and functions, as well as volunteering on various committees.  Diana  has held the position of  Secretary/Treasurer for WCDEFA for two,  consecutive terms.
Owners Bob and Diana Susen promote communities that support sustainable  Agriculture, and  preservation of family farms.   We are members of the following organizations:


Ozaukee Washington Land Trust (OWLT)

Town and Country RC & D, Inc.

Cornucopia Institute

 Diana has served  on the  town of Farmington 's Plan Commission for 18 years.  She has been an advocate of family farms, smart growth and  PDR's . 


Meadow Creek Elk Farms is enrolled in the  Something Special From Wisconsin" Logo granted by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, Consumer Protection.


              Look for our listing in the Farm Fresh Atlas:                         






                MCEF holds the following permits and licenses:

                Wisconsin Seller’s Permit # 705432

                 Retail Food Establishment License # 78 065886

                 Meat & Poultry Whls License # 45 065779

                 Wisconsin Farm Raised Deer Registration #19 000235



MCEF is owned by Bob and Diana Susen and was established in 1996. MCEF consists of two farms located in rural Washington County. We use both locations during specific times of the year.



In early spring the elk cast their buttons and start growing their new antlers. Antlers are the fastest growing organs in the animal kingdom and can grow up to an inch a day. Antlers are harvested according to strict guidelines in a hygiene environment, causing no harm to the elk. read more about velvet antler.

Calving time starts in late May when mothers give birth to healthy 40 pound calves. Each calf is tagged at birth with a dangle ear tag to ensure genetic identification. Complete and accurate records are kept using the latest computer software for livestock farming.

Breeding takes place in fall during the rut, usually September when one of the bulls is brought to visit the cows for about one month. MCEF uses natural breeding with bulls of high quality bloodlines such as Reed, Clearstone and Fargo.

Elk are very hardy livestock with natural immunity to most diseases. Nutrition plays an important role in keeping elk healthy and for producing premium antlers. Elk at MCEF graze on alfalfa pastures and are fed proper balance of high-quality proteins, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Using an Agri-Nutrition consultant, custom supplement mixes are formulated and given to bulls, cows, and calves to maintain the health of the herd.

We do not use pesticides,  and our elk are free of hormones, and antibiotics.

MCEF is enrolled in the CWD monitoring program.  All elk slaughtered for meat are tested for CWD to ensure safety for our customers.  Complete  information on CWD can be found at


Meadow Creek Elk Farms is proud to have been chosen as a participant  in workshops and meetings that encourage the use of locally farm products.

September 11, 2010

Farmfresh fundraiser dinner

January 24, 2009

Growing Green Seminar

September, 2006

New Holstein,WI-Fall Harvest Festival(view menu)

August, 2006

Oconomowoc, WI - SARE National Conference (view menu)

June, 2006

Future Farming Forum

  February, 2006

  Mead Inn, Wisconsin Rapids - WCDEFA Annual Convention speaking on marketing and testimonials

  Oconomowoc Lake Club, Oconomowoc - Town and Country RC & D Annual Meeting

 Washington County Fair Park, West Bend -  Business to Business Expo with Schwai's Meat and Sausage

  January, 2006

  Waukesha, UWExtension - Farm Direct Workshop; 

   Milwaukee, Brown Deer Park Club House - Slow Food's Annual Meeting & Social


MCEF has been active in promoting both the elk industry and  our products of elk meat and velvet antler. 

We have been involved in several media interviews that  featured our farm in newspapers, magazines, on radio, and television.


  •  The Daily News, September 29, 2009 "Local businesses support local athletes in AODA Triathlon>>

  • The Kewaskum Statesman, September 3, 2009  "Meadow Creek ELk Farms helps makes Triathlon a Success">>

  • Open Spaces, Spring, 2009  Newsletter, "Growing Green Seminar Highly Successful">>

  • The Daily News, January 12, 2009, "Looking to break out of the norm?, by Kristine Walden read>>>

  • UPN-TV-32 Green Bay and  Pax V-55 Milwaukee May 29, 2006 "Now We're Cooking" with Dan Davis to view show segments, click HERE

  • Agri-View, May 19, 2006, "Velvet Antler is Primary Focus for Susens", by Kelli Gunderson, Livestock Editor

  • The Daily News, February 25, 2006 "Herd It's Improving", by Laura Bayard -to view text from Herd It's Improving, please click HERE

  • The Country Today, February 6, 2002 "Beginners make a success of elk production", by Ann Hansen
  • Daily News, December 11, 1997
    "Farmington residents buying into benefits of being elk farmers"
  • Wisconsin State Farmer, June 5, 1998,

 "Alternative agriculture leads 

 Washington County couple to elk"

  • Kewaskum Statesmen, December 11, 1997, "Area Residents Raising Elk"

  • WTMJ - Channel 4-Milwaukee, January, 1998, 
    "Your Health"


  • AgVentures Magazine, October/November, 1998, "Raising a Renewable Resource"
  • WBKV - Radio 1470, June, 1998 "Morning Magazine with MCEF & Dr. Burgio"
  • Wisconsin Outdoor News, Feb. 13, 1998, "Wisconsin elk thriving on farms too!"
  • The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, December 9, 1999, "On elk farm, antlers are horns of plenty"


In addition Diana has been a solicited speaker on velvet antler for The Wisconsin Commercial Deer and Elk Farmers Association and other service organizations, and has participated in various events including Wisconsin Farm-City Council Days, Wisconsin Women for Agriculture's Legislative Brunch, Farm Progress Days, World Dairy Expo & Governor's Breakfast for International Buyers, Legislative Day at the State Capitol

Representing elk velvet antler Diana has been a delegate to nutraceutical functions such as The Natural Products Expo-Baltimore and Anaheim, and the International Symposium on Velvet Antler in Banff, Canada.

In July, 2001 Diana, along with 2 other delegates from Wisconsin traveled to Washington to visit with legislators about CWD.  

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