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VELVET ANTLER Product Information and Quality Standards


Velvet Processing - All processing is done at a government inspected antler drying facility per Federal or State regulations
  •  For product quality, all drying procedures are approved by MCEF.
  • Traditional Korean method of drying is used. Drying is slow, low heat, and use of fans, much like the convention oven of today.
  • Grinding and pulverizing antler is done to meet requirements established by the FDA encapsulating lab.
  •  Every batch of ground antlers used is 100 % velvet antler with no additives, using the entire antler, including tip and base.
  •  A microbiological analysis is done for each batch of processed ground antlers at a pharmaceutical testing laboratory to ensure product safety. The test includes the following: an aerobic plate count, salmonella, coliform, E. Coli, Staphylococci, yeast and molds.
  •  Each batch of antlers must meet the microbiological specifications established for FDA approved Laboratories.
  •  Analytical results are kept on file at MCEF.
  •  A copy of the Laboratory Report is available upon request to all buyers.