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Over 250 citations and research reports have been written about Velvet Antler.  The collection of studies in this section will serve as a educational reference for those seeking additional sources for the efficacy of velvet antler.

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Velvet Antler: A Literature Review>>

Written by Helen J. Batchelder this summary provides a comprehensive look at velvet antler's multicultural use including citations of studies of its composition and indications for use.

The Use of Velvet Antler Treatment on Various conditions on Pets and Horses>>

C.J. Balok and  J. Langham Cedar  Animal Medical Center, Callop, New Mexico

Clinical evaluation of a powder of quality elk velvet antler for the treatment of osteoarthritis in dogs>>

Maxim Moreau, Jaques Dupius, Norbert H. Bonneau, Manon Lecuyer. Companion animal research group, Faculte de medecine veterinaire, Universite de Montreal, P.O. Box 5000, St-Hyacinthe, Quebec. J2S 7C6 Can. Vet. J. 2004 Volume 45, pg. 133-139

A Summary on the Literature on Health Benefits>>

Australian Government: Rural Industries Research & Development Corp., Chris Tuckwell, Nov., 2003

The Effects of Deer Velvet Antler Supplementation on Body Composition, Strength, and Aerobic & Anaerobic Performance>>

C.E. Broeder (Benedictine University), R. Percival & T. Wills (East Tennessee State University), J. Quindry (University of Florida), L. Panton (Florida State University), K.D. Browder (University of Idaho), C. Earnest (The Cooper Institute), A. Almada (Imagine Nutrition & MetaResponse Sciences), S.R. Haines & J. M. Suttie (AgResearch - Mosgiel, New Zealand)

Oral Presentation Abstracts  from  ASPT 2, New Zealand, 2004>>

Abstracts from J.M. Suttie, B.J.. Jeon, S.H. Moon and others.

Worldwide, over 250 articles, summaries and reviews have been published on the studies and research on velvet antler. Research has been conducted in Russia, China, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, and Canada.

Since 1991, New Zealand scientists have researched the composition and medical properties of velvet at the AgReasearch Inermay. Leader of the New Zealand research team, and world wide expert on deer velvet research, Dr. Jimmy Suttie, has announced that evidence of the medical benefits of velvet antler is growing. Trials have shown that treating human white blood cells with extracts of velvet antler stimulated the immune systems, as measured by increased production of white blood cells. Other studies by Suttie have demonstrated potent anti-inflammatory and growth stimulating properties.

The institute of Biologically Active Substances in Viadivostock in Russsia has turned out medical studies produced by Professor Israel I. Brekhman and his colleagues. Brekman's tests for the pharmacological activity of velvet were adopted as a standard quality test for velvet antler in 1962.

In China, several articles have been written in Chinese on the research carried out by a team of experts lead by B.X. Wang. A 1985 report states that the polysaccharides in velvet antler may play a role in observed anti-ulcer effect.

Leading the way in North America with research is the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Dr. Jeong S. Sim, Ph.D., professor at the University chaired the first international symposium on Antler Science and Product Technology on April 9-12, 2000 at Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada. Leading antler researchers from around the world will meet to lay a solid  scientific foundation for the antler industry.

As research continues on velvet antler it will further demonstrate and validate the traditionally uses from cultures around the world for the past 2000 years.