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          Here's What People are Saying about Velvet Antler

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WHAT IS THE NORMAL DOSAGE?  Most people are getting results by taking 3-4 capsules per day.  A clinical study had partitipants taking 4 capsules per day, yielding good results.  Athletes during training tend to double or triple the dosages

Hi Diana, We just cured our little Chihuahua of IMHA and used Elk Velvet. She is 10 and our vet had given up on her last December. We saw another vet who agreed with us to add the Elk Velvet and unlike 75% of pet owners that get this diagnosis we have our little one for most likely another 10 years. Thanks again. Now I plan to take regularly for myself. Melody , Kenmore,WA 7/13/2012

Good Medicine
 for My dog - Taka, screamed as he bounded around a corner on the “hummocky” hill of the side yard at my Montana country home. He fell down, got up, tried to walk and couldn’t. His left hind leg seemed badly torqued and he generally seemed miserable. I palpated it, nothing seemed broken, so I assumed he’d walk it off and be “right as rain” the next morning. But he wasn’t. Two months later, he was still limping and mostly walking on three legs.  

Around that time I took both my dogs to a kennel and told the kennel owner to be extra careful with Taka. She asked me, “Is he packing his leg a lot?” I didn’t know that term and after she explained it, my answer was, “Yes, almost 85% of the time, I bet.”

She told me she once knew a dog with similar sounding symptoms and he’d been helped by Elk Antler. She said it took awhile but once the dog was better he never limped again.

I was getting ready to move - a huge move for me after thirty years of being a Montanan. Living close to the wild, I was moving to the urban area of Bainbridge
Island just west of Seattle WA. In the frenzy of all those changes, I forgot about elk antler.  

But Taka didn’t improve. My heart broke many times a day watching him walk and play with only three good legs. He couldn’t keep up with his Mom, two years older. Six months after his accident, he was pretty much a crippled dog, so I finally took him to a veterinarian.

Medical assessment - torn something or others - and the only remedy was a new form of surgery in which they shave off part of the bone and twist the joint around until it’s facing in the other direction and try to hold it all together with rubber bands...I’d heard other dog-leg-surgery horror stories and didn’t want to risk that.

Long story short, I suddenly remembered the kennel owner’s recommendation of Elk Antler. Thanks to the internet, I found Meadow Creek.
 I ordered the three pack of pills.  

Less than three weeks after his first pills, Taka started gingerly putting his leg down. I knew his condition well after all these months and his three legged status had been static. Now change was beginning. Nothing else had changed in his life but taking those pills. Each week, there was noticeable improvement and strengthening. Week by cautious week I noticed him using his leg more and more. Often after a romp, he would be stiff and revert to his three legs again, but the following morning would be back on all four. About five months after beginning treatment with Elk Antler, he occasionally stood on his weak leg and raised the other to pee. A milestone. On our walks, he  had begun running a few feet on all fours, then 100 yards on all fours, then, then, then about 8 months later, I realized he was running on all four legs ALL OF THE TIME, every day.

We’re now seven months AFTER his recovery. Occasionally his leg still quivers, occasionally after a hard run on the beach he limps after napping , but I would now never know he used to be a three legged dog.

So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it - profound anecdotal evidence for the healing potency of elk velvet antler. I am ever so grateful to you and your elk family for this gift which contributes to the well-being of my human body too.

Deborah Milton, PhD  Bainbridge Island, WA, 03/19/2011



 I have tried Chiropractic Glucosomine and acupuncture over a period of two years.  My ongoing back-aches, knee and  hip problems always seemed to be there.  Although my symptoms are not completely gone I have found more strength and relief in my joints than I have felt in a very long time.  I've been taking three capsules of your Meadow Creek velvet antler for approximately one month; also noticed my fingernails have never been able to grow to any length with breaking; now I can actually file them.  Lastly, my hair dresser also noticed a difference in my hair, being somwhat fuller and easier to style.  If this is what happens within a month, I can't wait to see my in a year.  Lana Kohler, WI 12/01/2010

e-fusion® is amazing Complete relief from psoriasis, it helps my joints immensely and is a wonderful moisturizer.  e-fusion® deserves a 5 star rating.   Ann Cofrin, West Bend, WI 10/7/2010

e-fusion® really works........My husband’s brother-in-law said your velvet antler helped with his joint pain and   recommended he start taking it.  When we received our order with the free e-fusion, we decided to try that too.  We both noticed that when we used the e-fusion® we were surprised to find that it took pain away immediately. Even our grandson doubted that it could work, but when I rubbed the e-fusion® on his sore neck, he became a believer too.   Thank  you, Brenda Calandro, FL July 7.2010

Your velvet antler is some amazing stuff.  As the owner of my own business specializing in Active Relief Techniques (ART), I put in long hours helping my clients feel better, and at the end of the day, I feel the affects.  Since I have been taking your elk velvet antler, I have found relief for my  achy hands.   I also started giving my fifteen year old dog the capsules.  Although she has some structural problems, she must be having some relief as well, as since she’s been on the velvet antler; I noticed a spark in her attitude.  I’ve already told my clients about how your product has helped us, and now they too are taking your velvet antler.  Gene Berry, (  May, 2010


Hello Diane

I want to thank you for your elk antler capsules.  My aches and pains have diminished since using your product. 

Charlie Weiler, Portage, Michigan  March 1, 2010


I am an RN at Froedtert Hospital, I was diagnosed many years ago with an unspecified connective tissue disorder (it has stumped the physicians), but has taken its toll on all of my joints. I would usually take 12-16 Advil a day to help with the inflammation and pain. Since starting on Velvet Antler in 9/2009, I have been able to start exercising daily (walking 3 miles)
and doing cardio/strengthening with weights. I have also lost close to 40 pounds. I have been able to wean off the Advil and now just take 4 Velvet Antler daily. This is an absolute miracle pill for me!! I have shared your website with co-workers, friends, patients and my physicians office. I am a true believer and can never imagine stopping taking this, keep up the great harvesting!!  Thank you- Velvet antler has truly changed my life- Karen Kresse, Sullivan, WI  Feb 20, 2010


This was our 25th wedding anniversary which we all know is sterling silver , so it was so special to use my husbands elk ivory from his hunt to create our gifts to each other and a memorable occasion.  Our elk jewelry is awesome. Instead of sterling silver, I bought my husband a stainless steel chain it really looks great. I'll be sending a few of his friends your way.
I am wearing my necklace right now with nice sterling earrings & it's so unique I am always receiving many compliments.  Everyone loved your work. Thanks Again, Pam Shrremetis,  Wappingers Falls, New York  Feb. 2, 2010


Breeder of pigeons boasts of E-fusion™ for himself, elk velvet antler for birds  Hello, this is the second time I have ordered your elk antler and pills and powder and the lotion. I usually run out of the lotion first and I was wondering if you sell it separately. That stuff is wonderful.   I usually get psoriasis mostly in the winter months and it does wonders. I just received an order from you last week. I will probably have to order some more lotion in another month or so. I have been telling a lot of people about you and I know I sent business your way. I am also a breeder of fancy pigeons. I had 1 pair a couple of years ago where the hen never laid any eggs and the cock bird was kind of lethargic just was not interested in breeding. Well I gave each bird 6 pills 1 day apart in the begging of the breeding season.  The results were the hen started laying eggs and the cock bird had babies too. I personally know 2 or 3 suppliers of pigeon medications and I would like to give them some information from you. I have been doing business with these people for over 20 years so they do respect me and even if they don't do it. I belong to several yahoo groups and I have been spreading the word about you. There are usually 100 to 400 people in each of those yahoo groups and when you spend $1,000 for 1 pigeon and sometimes it does not lay eggs I am sure you would spend the money for a bottle of your product to try on the bird. You have a believer in me please do not ever go out of business or if you do please let me know so I can put in a large order.  Adam Geteianc, Harrison Township, MI, 12/09/2009


HELPS MY SEVERE ARTHRITIS : I have severe arthritis in my hands.  My friend, Ceil Stamm, told me about the product.  She has arthritis in her hands and is a quilter.  She took elk antler velvet - the arthritis stopped progressing as far as the aches and growths.  I started using it - felt a definite difference.  I ran out of product - didn't refill it for 2 months - and immediately the aches and growth resumed.  I just received another supply and can feel the difference in my hands already.  Kathy Larson, Age 60, Wautoma, WI  August, 2009

SHOW PIGEONS BENEFIT FROM  YOUR VELVET ANTLER It was good chatting with you on the phone when you took my refill order. A couple years ago two of my Canadian pigeon breeder friends told me and our group here in the US how they used the EAV on their older male show pigeons that had not fertilized eggs for a year or two. And to their surprise those birds did fertile after a few weeks on the Elk Antler Velvet. So this year several of us around the US and Canada experimented with using this. I used it on two males. One had not made a baby in two years and the other three years. Well to my surprise they both made healthy youngsters this season. One of them made good babies for three rounds (clutches of eggs). The other had two infertile rounds and then I got babies from him on the third time. I was so happy to be raising young from these valuable birds again. Another good side effect we are seeing is that the birds overall condition is much better. Even in the stress of the breeding season the birds on EAV fared better than those not on it. And now that they are molting in their new feathers we can see a harder better feather growing in faster. We are so happy with the results that many of us will use it on all our birds next year. Thank you for a good product.
Michael Walter, Westland, MI, August 14, 2009

BEEN USING VELVET ANTLER LOTION ABOUT 4 MONTHS "I have not been using the velvet antler lotion that long and already I am seeing significant results.  I use it as a moisturizer on my face and in three days I no longer had chapped lips which I had had for years.  My neighbor even commented at the difference it has made around my eyes.  I also use the product on my hands and have noticed a decrease in my skins sensitivity to the sunlight, they feel more hydrated and have more elasticity.  This is truly an astonishing product."  Susan Luterbach Age 48 Kimberling City , MO  July 21, 2009

 FAST SERVICE  Thank you for the fast service. Your product works.  My son uses it too.  Anne Pilath, Birnamwood, WI  May 25, 2009

LOTS MORE ENERGY  I am a 66 year old woman and take some powerful medications to keep the three types of arthritis I am troubled with under control.  For over a year, I have been taking four of your velvet antler capsules daily in addition to my arthritis medications without any interactions.   I have noticed that since taking the velvet antler I have been able to withstand longer period s in-between taking my scheduled meds. Because of velvet antler, I can definitely say I have more energy than ever before.    Jackie Bruckbauer , Madison , WI April, 14, 2009

AMAZING RESULTS You have a wonderful product! I've been using your elk antler capsules and e-fusion for over a year with amazing results. I'm 51 years young with stiff hands from working with them all my life and psoriasis on both elbow and knees. Since I started using the elk antler and e-fusion lotion my hands are not stiff at all and my knees and elbows have completely cleared up. Also i feel younger and stronger. I work in a factory where the work is very physical and I can keep on going like the energizer bunny while working circles around guys much younger than me. I can tell that my muscles are bulking up too! I've always been tall and slender but now I'm tall and more muscular I can feel the strength growing. One other thing is that I believe your product has helped lower my high blood pressure. I have been on medicine (3) for a while still my pressure was a little too high, but since I started the elk antler capsules my pressure came down to a prehypertension level. This alone is worth using your product even without all the other benefits. I am a very satisfied customer who believes wholeheartedly in the elk antler products from Meadow Creek Elk Farms. I will continue to use your products as long as can afford them.   My wife enjoys talking to you when she places my order she thinks its a cool thing you're doing. Thanks for making such a wonderful product available.  We always receive the orders on time and when expected without any problems. Thanks again Jesse Burr Jr., NC  March, 2009

E-FUSION WORKS GREAT ON MY FACE  I love the e-fusion® lotion ! Thanks. The lotion absorbs into the skin much faster than other lotions I've used, and it stays longer. When I use it on my left thumb area, I feel relief within 20 minutes. So, I use it on my hands all the time.  I also have a dry spot on my cheek area. After shaving, It would stay red for days, until I found your efusion® lotion. Now I apply the lotion right after shaving, and I never see it again. It works better than any other lotion I''ve used, and believe me, I've tried many.  Michael in PLover WI  December, 2008


Hello Diana

I have been using your product for nearly three months now. I got my first shipment combined with Bill McCollisters order. I am a diabetic and have severe COPD. I have also had two heart attaches. My cholesterol has been very high. But

after two months of the EAV it dropped to normal levels. I'm sure its the EAV because I have not changed my eating habits.

Also because of the diabetes I get bruises on my arms from bumping things during my day. I experimented using your cream on one arm and not the other. To my surprise the arm that had received the cream is much better than the other. I am very happy with your product and you have a good customer now.

Thank you, Mike Walter, Westland Michigan, October, 2008


I first started taking velvet antler after speaking with Diana Susen about my training for my first triathlon.  Once she new of my task at hand, she suggested taking velvet antler to see how it would help my training.  Within days of starting it, I noticed a nice increase in my metabolism.  The aching I was starting to have in my knees stopped and they have not bothered me since.  My training went well and I have since completed my triathlon-bringing home a third place finish!  My times for each of the three events I would be doing had decreased nicely.  I had a 15 mile bike ride to do during the triathlon and I had tried feverishly to get my time for that under an hour.  I had no luck.  After about a week on the velvet antler, my time had dropped from my fastest being 1 hour and 2 minutes down to 54 minutes!  My running was more comfortable, my swimming was smooth, it all came together.  Now that the triathlon is over, I have done other events, one being a duathlon in Green Bay.  That is a 3 mile run/32 mile bike/1 mile run.  I also did well with that even though I was suffering from a bad cold.  The velvet antler gives me an all day "comfort and ease" feeling.  I do not get any "up" and "down" moments like slamming a red bull would do.  It's a great product and I will continue on it as long as I am here!  I look forward to next year and all the events I have planned.  More triathlons for sure!  I also have my big goal of doing my first half-marathon run on May 17th, 2009! Diana Behrend, Triathlete, Slinger Wisconsin, September, 2008


Before taking your elk velvet antler, i had shooting pain in my knee and it penetrated down my leg causing enough pain for me to shout out "Ouch!"  Taking two of your Elk Velvet Antler capsules daily has stopped the shooting pain.  I tell everyone that Elk Velvet Antler has helped and have sent others to your website.   Lynn Barlow, Modesto California  June, 2008


I take many supplements and the benefits of some of them do overlap.  However, I have observed some effects from the antler that I feel confident are traceable right to the antler.  I was introduced to the benefits of antler in a conversation in 2005 with Dr. Eugene Shippen, author of the book The Testosterone Syndrome.  He originally recommended antler as a supplement that could help my knee, where I have had some chronic meniscus problems.  I do feel that antler helps my knee because it is so rich in growth factors.  However, where I perceive a very clear effect is in energy level, vitality and exercise recovery.  I am able to take it and feel an effect in very short order.  I also feel that antler has a very noticeable effect on sexual energy and drive.  It may give a hormonal boost.  I take at least a teaspoon per day, sometimes more if I'm tired.  As you know, I have introduced antler to my family and give it to my dogs also.  In conclusion, I take many supplements and am always looking for ways to use nutrition to help me feel young and stay active.  I'm 57, play racquetball 4 times per week, hike 2 miles per day and enjoy weight training.  Among my supplements, elk antler has been the one I've used most consistently and that's why I buy it by the kilo.  Thanks for being a dependable supplier of a high quality product, Sincerely, Darrell Kay, New York  April, 2008

RESTLESS LEGS  e-fusion is truly a life saver for me.  I was a victim of restless leg syndrome until I found e-fusion.  I keep my bottle of e-fusion right beside my bed.  When I am attacked by RLS,  I just reach for my bottle and within minutes, I am falling back to sleep.  It used to take me hours to get relief, but not now.  THANK YOU E-FUSION.  Dianne Hagen, Sharon, ND  March 2007


My hands were so bad with arthritis that I couldn't even close them. But taking 4 capsules a day has really made a difference.  I can close my hands again.  Cecelia Stamm - Conroe, Texas 11/15/2006


RID OF PSORIASIS  My muscle and joint soreness from Muscular Dystrophy has been eased since I began using Velvet Antler.  Also I've had Psoriasis many years.  The e-fusion's moisturizing  has helped me rid most of the scaly dryness and itchiness.  What a relief not to be scratching.

e-fusion® has also helped with the stiffness of my joints.

Sam Madrid, Trinidad, CO.


VELVET ANTLER HELPS MY ARTHRITIC HANDS  I'm 52 years old and suffering since the early 70's from some fragmented disks and floating fragment pieces that float in my spinal canal.  This causes a large portion of my pain. It is non-elective surgery.  I've been using the velvet antler for years which helps my arthritic hands and joints immensely.  Since    adding  the use of e-fusion lotion, I can now  lay my hand flat on the table.  My pain reduction and mobility are great with the use of this great product daily.  It brings my pain level down from a 10 to a 6.

 I wouldn't be without it!  Rick Lisko, WI.




I swear by e-fusion® for my arthritis and it appears to have done something with my fine line wrinkles.  I  shared my last purchase with my brother and foster-sister.  My sister indicated that since she began using the lotion she has had less arthritic pain in the hands when she is gardening and wants to apply the lotion to other areas.  My brother has told me that he has less hand pain as well.  My brother's wife tried the lotion and indicated that she is upset because my brother won't share his (he actually hides it from her) so I am purchasing a bottle for her as well.  My dilemma was that I shared my last purchase and now have to carry my lotion with me rather than having a bottle at home and one at work.  Deb Batterman, Weywauwega, WI

Adult Male recovering from total knee replacement surgery

 My husband, Gary Hart, had total knee replacement surgery in Saranac Lake, NY by Dr. Bradford Stevens on November 28, 2005.  He was released from the Adirondack Medical Center in Saranac Lake December 1, just two days post op.  My husband and son were both told by the medical staff at AMC that no one had EVER left the hospital in that length of time after having total knee replacement surgery.

Last week, my husband's Physical Therapist, Colleen Law, who works at Alice Hyde Medical Center Rehabilitation Services, told Gary he is four weeks ahead (of the 'norm') in his rehabilitation and healing.  She asked Gary if she could take pictures and use him as a case study for their rehabilitation center. 

 In addition to taking relatively good care of our bodies, we have been taking Nutrilite vitamins daily for over ten years.  We started taking velvet antler on November 5, 2005.  In preparation for surgery, Gary took four Velvet Antler tablets a day: two in the AM and two in the PM.   He is feeling great and has been back in the elk pen for two weeks. 

 Gary plans to have total knee replacement done on his right knee around the same time next year.  It will be very interesting to see how he heals after being on Velvet Antler for a whole year!  Maybe he'll walk out of the operating room!!!!!!!

 Our family doctor, Dr. Craig W. Richards, has written prescriptions for our Nutrilite vitamins and nutritionals for several years.  I have him do this so that I can use my FLEX Plan to purchase them.  When Gary and I decided to start taking Velvet Antler, we told our doctor about it and asked him if he would write us a prescription for it.  He agreed, so after I receive my Velvet Antler order, I just mail the receipt with the required paperwork and get reimbursed from my FLEX plan.   Nancy Hart

**Permission to use this information given to Diana Susen of Meadow Creek Elk Farm only please.

High School Student diagnosed  with Mono      

My son Vince.  16 years old.  Sophomore in HS.  As most kids is busy with sports/school/friends/etc.  Woke up one Monday morning and complained of a bad headache and just felt really tired.  As usual, we assumed it was just too much weekend, but I told him he could stay home if he really felt that bad.  He slept the entire day....I noted he had a fever that night and the next morning so took him to the Dr on Tuesday morning.  As standard protocol they said they wanted to test him for strep and mono...2 minutes later the Dr comes in and says "Sorry, he tested positive for mono."  Bad news for anyone to hear.  What is worse is that it will take at least 3 weeks if not 6-12 weeks to recover.  And, the basketball season has just begun and now it looks like he will miss much of it...Fatigue is the main symptom with a low grade reoccurring fever.  There is nothing they can do, you just have to wait for it to run its course. 

We alert the teachers and school.  We hear discouraging stories of missing at least 4 weeks of school and then hardly being able to make it through an entire day at a time.  True to what the doctor anticipated, Vince spends the first 2 days in bed.  Sleeps the entire day and night.  Can't eat anything.  Things look pretty grim.  Bob and I scour the internet thinking that there must be something we can do to hurry the recovery along.  Again, we read the discouraging stories on the longevity of mono.  But, we see that there is a product you can purchase, which will reduce your symptoms and the time frame of the illness.  We are skeptical, but willing to try almost anything.  I call local natural food stores to see if they have something similar, as they are only offering an all natural medication that is really geared towards liver/kidney function and flushing out the body.

 Then I start to think about the velvet antler and the immune system.  I remember the stories I have read about people preparing for surgery or trying to boost their immune system with VA.  I am glad that my family has been taking the VA for over a year now. Vince takes 6 every am with his vitamins....I explain to him that we may be fortunate and he needs to be sure to take the va and take care of himself well so that we can beat this.

 The first day he stayed home was Monday.  He saw the Dr. and was diagnosed on Tuesday.  Thursday he went to school for 2 hours and couldn’t make it any longer.  Friday he stayed the whole day and then sat on the bench for his basketball game.  By Sunday he was able to go to practice and practice the full practice.  Less than one week was his duration of severe symptoms for mono.  People kept telling us, there is no way he is better.  Be careful because he is going to have a relapse....Well, here we are 2 months later, and he is just fine.

 Maybe he is just resilient, but maybe he had a little help.  I attribute his quick recovery to having the VA in his system to help combat illnesses like this.

 What do you think?  Janet Dahl, Oshkosh, WI

I believe velvet antler helped me to achieve the title of Woman's NCAA 1500 and 300 meter Track Champion.  I find the benefits of faster recovery from training and after racing tremendous.  Today, velvet antler helps me to maintain general good health and increase my energy levels.   Marni Lynn, West Bend, WI

1999 2 time National NCAA Track title holder, and three time All American NCAA Division III-Track & Field.  (

read about Marni's incredible career  >>

Velvet antler is truly becoming the health supplement of choice for slowing the aging process and speeding up old sex drive. Dr. Howard Peiper, TV-host of Partners in Healing and co-author of twelve books on nutrition

Velvet Antler has been utilized in cultures around the world. It's now time that North Americans know of the benefits of this product.
-John Abdo, Fitness Trainer and Olympic Strength Coach.

Velvet Antler gives me the nutritional support I need during intense training for competitions.  Training hard puts stress on my muscles and joints, I feel that taking velvet antler helps to reduce the soreness and inflammation.  Brad Riekkoff,International Natural Bodybuilding Federation's Middle Weight Division title holder.

(read  about Brad's championship)

I have found that Velvet Antler has reduced the side effects of PMS. My husband said "What has happened to you, you don't have those PMS symptoms."
- Jo Ellen Loewenthal, Cedarburg, WI

 These velvet antler pills have sure helped me. They have given me more energy and more ambition to do my every day things. I have arthritis in my knees, so walking isn't easy any more. I walk with a cane. Since I have been taking Velvet Antler, I can walk longer without my cane. They are a blessing to me. Also, these pills are made from one of God's animals.
- Gladys Mac Donald, Wayzata, MN

  As a taxidermist by profession I experience cramps in the palms of my hands and wrists from repetitive action and detail work.  Working on concrete all day I get a lower back ache that wouldn’t go away.  After taking velvet antler for 2 weeks I could notice the difference.  The cramping is gone and while I still occasionally have a backache, it will go away rapidly when I’m done working.  At the time I started taking velvet, I was also on medication for stress related hear palpitations.  After being on the velvet antler for about a month, the palpitations subsided completely.  To see if the velvet really was helping me with my ailments, I quit taking it for a month.  After about 2 weeks without velvet I could tell the ailments of back-ache and heart palpitations were returning, as well as a decrease in energy level.  I’ve now been “back on” velvet for about a month and feel great!!  I’m a believer. Tim K., Taxidermist

 Female, 54, taking 2 capsules a day in the morning - I injured my left knee about seven months ago.  I was taking other natural products and it was improving.  But two weeks after starting on “velvet antler”, I could stop wearing my brace and it doesn’t tighten up or ache anymore when I walk or do to much cleaning.

N.C. from San Diego, California - Thank you for sending the velvet antler so quickly.  I am giving this to my son who has had a drug problem since high school with speed.  The re-hab clinic has helped, but not as much as the way he feels taking velvet antler.  It gives him energy and it overcomes depression.  It is truly a remarkable product.  Thank you.

Female, 51, taking 3 capsules in the morning - I have rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia.  Velvet antler helps with reducing my muscle pain and reducing my inflammation.  I ran out of my pills and did I ever experience  increased pain until I started back on them again.

  Female, 68, taking 1 mid morning - The pain in my knees are greatly improved, and can walk without pain.  J.B., Rockford, IL

  Male, 41, taking 3 in the morning - My immune system has increased.  I have not been sick for a year.  S.S., Dayton, MN

  Male, 41, taking 1-2 in the morning - Energy levels stay up till the work is done.  I have gotten completely off of depression medication. E.C., Sauk Centre, MN

  Male, 33, taking 2 in the morning - Soon after starting taking the velvet antler I noticed a big difference.  I have noticed that I sleep better at night.  D.P., Valley City, ND

  Male, 28, taking 3 in the morning - I have chronic lower back pain from a damaged disk.  After 2 weeks of taking velvet antler the pain lessened.    T.B., Port Washington, WI

Testimonial from John Lemke,  Fitness Trainer

I have noticed an increase in my training abilities during weight training.  I have noticed a 15 lb.  increase in my weights during my workouts.  I also can complete a 2 to 3 hour workout much easier then before. My muscle soreness also has decreased after workouts.